Norman Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS


Do you have fine wrinkles that you thought only surgery could remove? Help has just arrived! The FDA approved a new kind of hyaluronic dermal filler called Belotero Balance®. We believe fine, wrinkled skin will love this new filler technology as it can soften the look of these facial lines and wrinkles instantly. What makes Belotero Balance® special is its unique ability to work on the superficial lines, for instance, around your lips, as well as those deeper lines of your nasolabial folds – the smiles lines from your nose to your mouth.

Your treatment begins with an application of topical numbing cream, followed by the injection of Belotero Balance® with a superfine gauge needle; it lasts about 6 months. Most often you will experience very little or no downtime, though some may experience slight bruising, swelling, irritation, or tenderness that typically resolves rather quickly. If you experience a persisting side effect, call our office and we will assist you to heal more rapidly.

Our patients are ecstatic about this new treatment that works on the fine wrinkles of their skin. Give us a call and see if you are a candidate for Belotero Balance®.