Norman Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS

Norman Pastorek MD PC FACS

Dr. Pastorek’s Philosophy

Dr. Pastorek attributes much of his personal philosophy to the influences his parents had on his youth. As European immigrants transplanted to a small Midwestern town, they brought with them a strong work ethic, a sense of family importance, an uncommon devotion to helping others, and a gratitude for the happy life they found in America. Although he loves the vitality and momentum in his adopted city, he feels the lessons of his youth make him a New Yorker apart.

His early curiosity of architecture as a possible calling mirrored a personal need to express design and form. His initial medical school interest in psychiatry as an avocation was an outgrowth of a desire to better understand the complexities of human emotion. In the surgical sub-specialty of Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pastorek found the basis and inspiration for his life’s work. The face as a metaphor of humanity, intricate facial cranial anatomy, detailed demands of microsurgery, restructuring the ravages of tumor growth, and rebuilding facial trauma damage all provided a strong foundation for his understanding of Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery from the inside out.

This is Dr. Pastorek’s philosophy:

“Know all you can about the physical human face—not just the surface, but the depths—understanding all you can about the hopes and dreams of patients as they consider Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery. Treat all patients as family, strive to improve on everything you know, embrace the truth, and do the very best you can. Yes, it is a practice; yes, it is a profession; but mostly it is a passion.”