Norman Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS

Chin Augmentation

Dr. Pastorek may recommend chin augmentation as a procedure to enhance your rhinoplasty result or separately to balance the lower third of your face when the forward projection of your chin is not adequate. There are limitations to the amount of chin projection possible, however. Most patients require minimal augmentation, but even if you need maximum projection, the anatomic implants produce a remarkably natural appearance.

Occasionally, anatomic mandible configurations require orthographic surgery rather than augmentation. Chin augmentation is the only procedure where Dr. Pastorek feels that a non-natural material can be used without any cause for concern. He has personally used a solid silicone implant for over 30 years without problems. The implant itself has an even longer history of safety. The pliability of the implant and the thickness of the chin tissues contribute to an enhanced chin that feels natural to the touch. In the office, you can use non-surgical sizer implants to gauge which of the four standard dimensions would best create your desired appearance.