Norman Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS

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About Your Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Pastorek, New York Facial Plastic Surgeon, begins in the office with a thorough discussion of your medical history. Dr. Pastorek has to be absolutely certain that your elective aesthetic surgery is both appropriate and safe before he invests too much of your time or his. Fortunately, most patients are good candidates for this type of surgery.

Once you’re cleared for surgery, Dr. Pastorek shows you what is surgically optimal and ideal. He relies on his broad experience, his intuitive appreciation of facial aesthetics, and the confidence that comes from years of following his patients’ cases. In aesthetic surgery, beauty lies in the balance between “too much” and “too little,” where that perfect non-operated look lives. Dr. Pastorek knows that, regardless of which facial area you want to alter, you still want to look like yourself and not like you just had an facial plastic surgery operation.

“I couldn’t be happier with my results and the overall experience. You made this process worry-free and actually pleasant! I am so very grateful.”Read more Patient Testimonials

Dr. Pastorek’s experience and insight help him direct you to what you want. His plan for aesthetic change is almost always consistent with his patients’ innermost thoughts. Once you’re both comfortable with the plan, the doctor presents a brief, non-graphic explanation of the operation, as well as the best-suited options for anesthesia.

The pre-operative instructions to you detail what you can do to prevent bleeding, bruising, and swelling at the time of surgery. Given his specific techniques, Dr. Pastorek feels patients do best when they know what to expect following the surgery, day by post-operative day. Although you’ll get all the information you need in written form, the doctor feels strongly about telling you personally at the time of the consultation what to expect.

Dr. Pastorek likes his consultations to be informative and complete. He gives you enough time to make you feel comfortable and to understand all the aspects of the procedure you’re interested in. There is always time for questions. If you have forgotten to ask something at the consultation, the office always welcomes calls and is prompt in getting the answers you need. If you feel the need for a second visit, the office staff will arrange it.

The vast majority of Dr. Pastorek’s patients come to him on the recommendation of friends and relatives who’ve had surgery. Others are referred by their medical doctor, an operating room nurse, a plastic surgery consultant, or increasingly, from Internet chat rooms where positive reviews have brought patients from Europe, the Middle East, even as far away as Moscow. For those who have not seen his surgical results first-hand, Dr. Patorek shares pre- and post-operative photos at the time of the consultation. These are photos of his patients who have allowed him to show their images to assist others contemplating facial plastic surgery. At the end of the consultation visit, Dr. Pastorek takes pre-operative photos. Post-operative photos are taken at intervals following your surgery.

You should feel totally comfortable and confident with any decision you make about surgery. Dr. Pastorek’s goal is to do everything possible to help you realize your dreams. Request a consultation to see for yourself.