5 Amazing Benefits of Non-Surgical NovaThreadsⓇ

Have you considered a facelift? Are fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin making you look older than you feel? If so, we have a nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatment we want to tell you about. At the office of Norman J. Pastorek, MD, we help patients smooth their skin and erase the signs of aging without surgery, and we do it with NovaThreadsⓇ.

This innovative cosmetic skin lift system consists of pre-loaded hypodermic needles filled with synthetic sutures made from polydioxanone (PDO). They’re made of the same material used in dissolvable sutures that are used in surgery. These PDO sutures can lift skin, returning its firmness and youthful appearance. But NovaThreads have even more benefits, and we’d like to share the top five with you.

1. NovaThreadsⓇ can be used on skin across the body

While it’s mostly known for its nonsurgical facelifts, NovaThreads are much more versatile than most people realize. We perform the procedure on various parts of patients’ bodies, including the:

We can even do other areas, so be sure to talk to Dr. Pastorek about the trouble areas you’d like to improve.

2. NovaThreadsⓇ give you immediate results

Your NovaThreads procedure begins after application of local anesthesia to your treatment area to minimize any discomfort. They hypodermic needles are used to inject the NovaThreads into your skin. Depending on your treatment goals and the area being treated, multiple injections will be given.

These threads give your skin the support system they need to erase the signs of aging, allowing you to look more youthful. Acting like scaffolding, the threads support your skin structures, giving you immediate results.

3. NovaThreadsⓇ results last longer than the threads

Yes, NovaThreads offer physical support to your skin, but they do more than just this superficial lift. The treatment process triggers your body’s natural healing response and increases the production of collagen, a type of protein that’s an essential building block in your skin and helps keep it healthy and full.

By the time your body absorbs the PDO sutures, your skin has regenerated its own support system with ample strength and stability, ensuring that your results don’t disappear with the thread. Most patients experience optimal lift for at least 12-15 months post-treatment.

It should be noted that depending on your treatment goals, we may recommend multiple NovaThreadsⓇ treatments over a period of time, ensuring your lift lasts as long as you desire.

4. NovaThreadsⓇ tighten, lift, and volumize

NovaThreadsⓇ can give you different results, depending on your goals. When you’re looking to improve skin texture, we may use smooth threads. When you want added volume, we may opt to utilize twisted threads, especially around the eyes, lips, and cheeks.

5. NovaThreadsⓇ treatment has virtually no downtime

Because of the innovative way the procedure is performed, the nonsurgical NovaThreadsⓇ treatment is nearly pain free and requires no real downtime. What’s more, the minimally invasive lift is safe and effective and creates no scar tissue.

With a traditional facelift, the bruising can last weeks. You can’t do any lifting for the first month and residual swelling can last months. With NovaThreadsⓇ, you have none of this to worry about. The next day, you can return to your daily activities. There’s no time off work and nobody has to know that you’ve had the procedure. All they’ll notice is how great you look.

If NovaThreadsⓇ sounds like it might be right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Pastorek using the online booking tool or call our office in New York City.

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