Are All Dermal Fillers the Same?

Volume loss is the number one reason we start to look older. One of the safest and simplest ways to correct this condition is using dermal fillers. In our practice, we like to use hyaluronic fillers to address this condition. Restylane, Juvederm, and Belotero Balance are some of the brand names of fillers we use. All three brands utilize hyaluronic acid prepared in different ways to make them suitable for different types of skin and conditions.  Allergy testing is not required for their use and they are reversible which makes a safe and effective treatment.

A few years ago, there were just a few types of fillers available. Now we have a wide selection of hyaluronic fillers that vary in their density, elasticity and resilience. They are all hyaluronic acid, but they act quite differently in the skin. Here at our Upper East Side office in New York, we are thrilled to have so many options that help us artistically and technically create the most natural looking results.

The brands of fillers have different characteristics that make them suitable for different issues. If your cheekbone area has lost volume and you notice laxity around your jawline, firmer hyaluronic fillers may lift your cheek skin and maintain your restored look better than a softer filler. In the cheek area, we often use Restylane Lyft or Juvederm Voluma. These fillers were designed for those areas to support and lift your tissue.

Delicate lips? Restylane Silk or Juvederm Volbella will give you soft contours that look natural and last longer than other types of soft fillers.

Your naso-labial folds, those depressions from your nose to the corner of your mouth, and wrinkles in areas of movement such as the mouth or cheeks near your eyes, can benefit from the exPresHan technology found in Restylane ReFyne and DeFyne. The molecules in these fillers of hyaluronic acid have been cross-linked in such a way that they are very elastic. Perfect for areas that move when we speak. They also offer the extra benefit of lasting up to one year.

The most delicate filler we use is Belotero Balance. It can be an amazing finishing touch to a filler procedure. This hyaluronic filler has been designed to integrate in an invisible way into the skin is perfect for fine lines that are superficial. No other hyaluronic can be placed so close to the surface of the skin and remain invisible.

These are some of the most popular fillers we use today. Call or email us to set up a consultation to find out which fillers will work best for you.

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