Can Facial Fillers Reduce My Scars?

Can Facial Fillers Reduce My Scars?

When a lot of people think about scarring, they think about discoloration. But that’s not the only way an injury can permanently alter your skin. In many cases, when a problem arises with the skin on your face, the long-term impact isn’t a color problem. It’s a texture one. 

If you have depressed or pitted scarring on your face, you should know that you’re not stuck with this noticeable texture irregularity. At our offices on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City and in Madison, Connecticut, Norman J. Pastorek, MD, and Janice Pastorek, BSN, RN, have a solution. 

With dermal fillers, we can help to reduce the visibility of — and potentially even eliminate — depressed scars. 

When fillers can help scars

Not all scars are created equal. Some just change the color of your skin. Some create a raised texture in the area. On the face, though, it’s particularly common to see depressed scars, particularly as a result of acne. These scars develop because your skin didn’t heal the area with sufficient collagen, leaving the area pitted. 

Depressed scars can be particularly bothersome because they create shadows on your face, making them especially noticeable. Fortunately, though, these are precisely the type of scar that fillers can help. In fact, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery specifically recommends fillers for this application. 

Countless people use dermal fillers to replace or replenish volume in their face, whether that means filling thin lips, deep facial folds, or the hollows that worsen with age. And these fillers can do the same thing for your depressed scars, replacing the volume you’re missing. 

What to expect with fillers

The first piece of good news is that facial fillers can do a lot to lessen the visibility of depressed scars. The second piece of good news is that getting them is quick and convenient. 

Talk with our team about the cosmetic outcome you’d like to achieve. That way, we can choose the right filler for you. We offer a wide range of FDA-cleared options, including fillers from Juvéderm®, Restylane®, Radiesse®, and Belotero®

Once we agree upon a course of treatment for you, getting the actual filler injections takes just a few minutes. The procedure also comes with zero downtime. You could feasibly get the filler treatment during your lunch break and head straight back to work. 

The results from fillers can last a year or more. When you notice your scar returning, pay us another quick visit and we can replenish the filler, helping you maintain your smoother complexion. 

If you have depressed scars, don’t hesitate to talk to our team about your options. Beyond facial fillers, we can also explore laser-based treatments and other solutions to help you achieve your ideal skin texture. To get started, call either of our offices or book your appointment online today. 

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