Can I Have a Face and a Neck Lift at the Same Time?

Plastic surgery gives you a way to rejuvenate your appearance, making sure you look as young as you feel. But, because it does come with a recovery period, you want to be sure you pick and choose the right procedures for you.

Fortunately, Dr. Norman J. Pastorek can combine two of the most effective anti-aging procedures together to give you dramatic results with a single recovery period. With a face and neck lift at our office in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, he rejuvenates your appearance with minimal downtime. And because he’s performed more than 2,700 facelifts, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get ideal results.

If you think a face and neck lift might be right for you, let’s explore the details. 

The face and neck lift procedure

Dr. Pastorek applies the deep plane facelift technique. This means he doesn’t just lift and tighten your skin, but he also repositions any cheek or jowl fat that may have started drooping. This gives you the most natural-looking, age-defying results possible. 

During the same procedure, he can remove excess skin and tissue from under your chin and your neck. This ensures you get a youthful-looking neck that matches the results on your face, helping you totally turn back the clock. 

Your neck lift includes the removal of any excess fat deposits under your chin via liposuction. Dr. Pastorek pulls up any excess skin from your neck, ultimately taking the extra skin from behind your ear so any scarring is tucked away and minimally noticeable. 

In fact, Dr. Pastorek is so skilled at hiding any scars from your procedure that you won’t have to worry about anyone knowing you’ve had a face and neck lift. What’s more, he’s so deft at these plastic surgeries that drains are usually not needed during your recovery period. 

The face and neck lift recovery period 

Dr. Pastorek uses groundbreaking technology to minimize your downtime. For example, he applies lightwave treatment after your sutures are removed to speed your healing and minimize scarring.

Usually, healing from your face and neck lift takes about a month, at which point you should be mostly healed and able to enjoy your results. You generally only need to take about a week off work immediately following the procedure. Dr. Pastorek works with you throughout your recovery period to help you get back to your daily activities quickly and safely.

With a combined face and neck lift, you can completely revitalize your appearance. If you’re ready to talk with our team about this facial rejuvenation option, call us or schedule your appointment online today. 

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