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How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Without Surgery

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat Without Surgery

If you’ve lived with unwelcome extra fat around your stomach for a long time, you’ve probably tried just about everything. From core-focused workouts to tummy-hiding outfits, there are options to explore. But if you’re looking for a way to permanently get rid of stubborn belly fat, it’s time to turn to the latest technology. 

With truSculpt® IDDr. Norman J. Pastorek, and Janice Pastorek, BSN, RN, can directly treat and eliminate unwanted fat cells in your stomach. What’s more, because this is a completely nonsurgical option, we can offer it at our offices on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City or in Madison, Connecticut.

Long story short, if you have stubborn belly fat, this treatment could be for you. 

How truSculpt ID works

This body-sculpting option harnesses radiofrequency energy. This allows Dr. Pastorek to pass the energy safely through your skin into the problem fat cells that you want to address. This gives us a completely nonsurgical way to banish fat. 

In fact, truSculpt ID doesn’t just come without any incisions. It doesn’t require any injections, either. It’s completely noninvasive and designed with your comfort in mind. 

During treatment, you might feel a warming sensation as the fat cells in your stomach absorb the radiofrequency energy. As the cells absorb that energy, they start to break up. By the end of your truSculpt ID session, those treated cells will be destroyed. 

It takes some time (usually a few weeks) for your body to flush out the now-destroyed fat cells. But the best part about truSculpt ID is that once your body processes out those cells, they’re gone for good. You can maintain your results by avoiding weight gain in remaining fat cells.

What to expect with a truSculpt ID session

Our team prioritizes your comfort and convenience. All you need to do to prepare is remove any piercings in the area. We also recommend drinking at least 16 ounces of water and avoiding caffeine in the few hours before your appointment. 

Once you’re ready, Janice applies the truSculpt ID device to your stomach. She can adjust the settings as needed if you feel any excess warmth as it goes to work. Most treatments take about 15 minutes.

You don’t have any downtown with this body-sculpting option. At most, you might have some redness on your stomach that lasts a day or two. 

One truSculpt ID session can eliminate as much as 24% of the fat cells in the treated area. Talk with our team about your body goals and we can create a treatment plan for you, which may include multiple truSculpt ID sessions spaced several weeks apart. 

Ultimately, you’re not stuck with stubborn belly fat — nor do you have to resort to surgery. To see if truSculpt ID could be right for you, call one of our offices or schedule your appointment online to get started. 

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