How truSculpt iD Can Enhance Your Face and Figure

Every body holds fat cells differently. Some people are lucky enough to see their fat distribute fairly evenly across their body. Others are not so fortunate. 

What’s worse, those problems areas often don’t respond to diet and exercise. You’re not stuck with stubborn fat, though, and you don’t have to get a surgical procedure to remove it. You can skip the lipo and reduce fat under your chin and on your body with truSculpt® iD. In our experience, this amazing technology can reduce fat and firm skin simultaneously. The warmth required to address the reduction of fat stimulates improvement in the quality of your skin.

Dr. Norman J. Pastorek offers this no-downtime, noninvasive treatment right in our office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.. If you’ve been looking for a solution to stubborn fat, don’t hesitate to contact our office to talk with Dr. Pastorek about truSculpt iD.

A safe, effective way to permanently destroy fat

With truSculpt iD, Dr. Pastorek has groundbreaking technology that targets unwanted fat cells.

When you choose this treatment, he applies the truSculpt iD device to the area you want to treat. In just 15 minutes, the device sends radiofrequency energy safely through your skin into the fat cells in the area. 

As it reaches those cells, the radiofrequency energy heats them. Eventually, they get so hot that they’re destroyed — permanently.

Treatment with truSculpt iD can transform your face or body by reducing fat on your:

In the weeks that follow your truSculpt iD treatment, your lymphatic system goes to work removing the now-destroyed fat cells. Within about a month, you’ll notice a reduction of fat in the treated area, and your results may continue to improve for up to three months. 

A personalized, comfortable, and convenient treatment plan

During your truSculpt iD treatment, Dr. Pastorek ensures you’re comfortable. If the heat from the treatment ever becomes too much, he can immediately adjust it. 

What’s more, after the 15-minute treatment session, you won’t have any downtime or post-treatment discomfort. You can complete your fat-reduction appointment and get back to your day immediately afterward. 

Dr. Pastorek uses truSculpt iD to help you reach your ideal shape. If you have stubborn fat, pinch it. If it’s less than an inch, he can usually sufficiently reduce the fat cells in that area with one session.

If, however, you have more fat in the affected area, don’t worry. With repeat truSculpt iD sessions, Dr. Pastorek can treat those excess fat cells and help you move toward your dream body. 

With truSculpt iD, you get a no-downtime way to change the way you look. If you’re interested in exploring this transformative treatment, call our office or schedule your appointment with Dr. Pastorek online today. 

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