Improve the Tone and Texture of Your Skin With Laser Genesis

Some cosmetic treatments address one specific problem. That’s great if you only have one issue with your skin, but what if you want further-reaching effects to deliver a totally revitalized appearance? 

Fear not. Using the latest aesthetics technology coupled with Dr. Norman J. Pastorek and Janice Pastorek’s expertise, we can provide you with treatment that improves your skin tone and texture while addressing specific cosmetic headaches like wrinkles or acne. 

Meet Laser Genesis. We offer this groundbreaking treatment at our offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City and in Madison, Connecticut, to help you look your absolute best.

How does Laser Genesis deliver such broad-reaching results and solve so many skin issues? Let’s take a look. 

How Laser Genesis works

This treatment works by leveraging the latest in aesthetic laser technology. During treatment, we apply the near-infrared (NIR) Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser to your skin. You’ll feel a gentle warming sensation but shouldn’t have any discomfort.

As the laser penetrates, it therapeutically heats the lower layers of your skin. This triggers your body’s production of collagen, the protein that keeps your skin tight and smooth. With more collagen, you get improved skin tone and texture. 

Because Laser Genesis goes to work on the deeper layers of your skin, it can address a broad range of cosmetic concerns, including:

Laser Genesis treatment isn’t just versatile in the results it can deliver. It’s also versatile in its application. While it’s primarily used as a facial, our team can also apply this laser treatment to improve the skin on your neck, shoulders, chest, and back. 

What to expect with Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis treatment usually takes about 30 minutes. Beyond the relatively short treatment time, many patients also love this treatment option because it comes with next-to-no downtime. After your Laser Genesis appointment, you can immediately head to your next activity. 

While Laser Genesis immediately kickstarts your skin’s collagen production processes, it takes time for your skin to actually create that protein. Within a few weeks, you should start to see the benefits of your treatment. 

To give you the best results, we usually recommend a series of Laser Genesis treatments. We tailor our recommendation to your skin and your specific cosmetic goals, but most people see the best results in 6-10 treatments, each spaced a few weeks apart. 

If you want to learn more about how this no-downtime treatment can use the latest in laser technology to improve your skin tone and texture, call one of our offices or schedule your appointment online today.

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