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Looking Younger Without Surgery With PDO Threads

Looking Younger Without Surgery With PDO Threads

Sagging skin makes you look older unlike anything else. Yes, wrinkles are a hallmark sign of aging, but they can make you look distinguished. Skin laxity, on the other hand, comes with no upside.

All told, it’s something you probably wish you had a way to correct. Historically, that would have meant getting a facelift. But at our offices on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City and in Madison, Connecticut, Dr. Norman J. Pastorek stays on the leading edge of today’s options. And that means he offers an exciting facelift alternative: PDO thread lifts

A game-changing new solution

As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) pointed out in a recent piece, skin laxity used to be an issue we only had one way to correct: facelift surgery. And while a facelift can absolutely give you wow-worthy results, it does come with several weeks of downtime.

If your schedule can’t allow for that type of recovery or you’re not at the point where your sagging skin warrants a full facelift, polydioxanone (PDO) and polycaprolactone (PCL) threads offer an exciting new alternative.

With a PDO thread lift, Dr. Pastorek can place a specialized thread under the surface of your skin, using it to lift and anchor the area. In short, it’s a way to directly defy gravity. 

The threads are made from the same material as absorbable surgical sutures. That means they’re proven to be safe for use under your skin.

It also means your skin will absorb the thread in the months after its placement. You won’t be left with nothing, though. When Dr. Pastorek places the thread, it triggers collagen production in the area. By the time the thread is absorbed, your skin has built a new support structure of this critical protein, helping to maintain your results for a year or more. 

What to expect with a PDO or PCL thread lift

Dr. Pastorek offers a variety of PDO and PCL threads, including:

The process starts with a conversation. Once he understands your cosmetic goals, Dr. Pastorek recommends a type of thread for you. He’ll also recommend a specific number of threads placed in targeted locations to achieve your desired anti-aging effect. 

Once you agree on the plan, Dr. Pastorek applies a localized anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable during treatment. 

After your thread lift, you can return to your normal schedule. In fact, the only recovery parameter is that you don’t vigorously rub your face for a few days after your appointment. 

In short, PDO and PCL threads give you a way to reverse skin laxity without a surgical procedure or downtime. 

If you think they might be right for you, call one of our offices or schedule your appointment online today. 

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