• Love Your Lips

    on May 25th, 2017

Love Your Lips

Whether you are young or mature, lip enhancement may be an option that helps you attain your most beautiful sense of self. We often see younger patients seeking enhancement for delicate lips and a more voluminous aesthetic. Mature patients see the same benefits as well as a smoother appearance around the outer corners of the mouth, as dermal fillers address signs of fine lines while restoring volume and elasticity. For patients of any age, lip enhancement is a safe, easy and minimally invasive way to address volume concerns.

At our practice, we pride ourselves on our precision and artistic expertise. Every face and mouth is uniquely different, requiring an artistic and expert technical eye to deliver consistently beautiful results tailored to every patient's individual concerns. It is particularly important to select the correct dermal filler for the right area of the skin or lips. For the lips, fillers need to be soft and elastic. Restylane Silk, Juvederm, Volbella, Juvaderm Ultra and Belotero Balance are some of the best options for the lip area. These hyaluronic fillers are lighter and integrate into tissue easily, resulting in a natural and more rejuvenated appearance. Using a heavier product can feel lumpy and may move unnaturally.

It is especially important not to build volume around the lips when correcting vertical wrinkles. More delicate fillers such as Belotero Balance and Restylane ReFyne are often better choices for this area, otherwise the lips may appear unnatural. The elastic nature of these fillers move with your expression and fill in signs of fine lines and wrinkles, both preventatively and retroactively. Keeping the fullest part of your lip in the central area of your mouth is important for maintaining a natural yet noticeably enhanced look.

Have you ever noticed, as people age, they tend to lose vertical structures (called philtrums) above their upper lip area? As your philtrums soften with age, it can make your upper lip area appear longer and flatter. This is easily remedied with a hyaluronic filler. We would ideally use a more structural filler, such as Restylane-L, not only to restore these important structures, but to enhance your cupid's bow and the shape of your mouth.

Fall in love with your rejuvenated lips and enhance your sense of confidence, in every word you say and any lip color you may desire. Feel free to contact our office here with any questions you may have regarding the appearance of the lip or skin area to select a treatment tailored to meet your individual concerns.

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