Myths and Facts about Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures offered through plastic surgery. You may choose to undergo a rhinoplasty for several reasons that can span from health-related issues to cosmetic concerns. Though the procedure is considered safe and reliable, several myths exist about the process.

If you're located in New York, NY trust Dr. Normal J. Pastorek MD and his team of experts to help you achieve a look you’ll be proud to have. 

Common misconceptions about rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a simple procedure.

The nose is the center of the face and consists of bone and cartilage that forms your nasal cavity. Rhinoplasty, therefore, requires careful surgical expertise to be performed correctly. Though the procedure itself may only take a couple of hours, manipulating the shape of your nose is an art. Dr. Pastorek has extensive knowledge and can expertly alter the shape of your nose, making it proportionate to the size of your face. 

You will meet with Dr. Pastorek before the procedure to discuss if you might be the right candidate for rhinoplasty. This is often determined through blood work or additional examinations. During this meeting, you should discuss goals for your final appearance and disclose what features you would like to change. Dr. Pastorek can help determine how a nose job might enhance certain facial features, making an overall change to your appearance.  

Dr. Pastorek’s team will take photographs of your nose to be used as before and after references and for the purpose of any additional assessments. Photos from different angles will determine the potential final outcome based on your case. 

To sedate you during the procedure, a member of the surgical team will administer a local anesthetic. During the surgery, Dr. Pastorek will perform endonasal rhinoplasty, which requires internal incisions as opposed to traditional rhinoplasty, which requires external incisions. External incisions prolong recovery time and leave you at a greater risk for infection. 

Rhinoplasty is painful and potentially dangerous.

Rhinoplasty can be a complicated procedure that requires diligence and expert care. However, the complex nature of the surgery does not mean that it should produce painful or potentially harmful side effects. Patients who undergo the procedure report experiencing only minimal discomfort that is relieved with over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicine. Once the anesthetic wears off, some people report flu-like symptoms such as a sore throat or a congested nose. 

Some possible risks and side effects include:

Bruising is natural and common; the severity of the bruises will depend on your skin type. Some people are more prone to bruising than others. Additionally, those who require their nose to be fractured before surgery as opposed to patients who only need the tip raised might experience more severe bruising.

Recovery time is extensive.

Rhinoplasty can feel like an intense, surgical procedure. People who are reluctant to undergo surgery often assume that it requires significant recovery time. This can present a concern for people with busy schedules or children, but most people are able to return to work in as little to two weeks. You should be able to resume regular exercise a month following the surgery. 

After the procedure, an external silicone splint will be applied and removed after a week. You should feel confident enough about your  appearance to carry on with your daily activities, even though you likely won’t see your desired final result right away.

Rhinoplasty is a one-size-fits-all approach.

Unfortunately, you can't make your nose look like your favorite celebrity’s nose, and for several reasons, you wouldn't want to anyway. Just because it looks good on them doesn't mean that it would fit your face well. To achieve a nose that will address the aesthetic issues you have, you need to have reasonable expectations about what is and isn't possible for your case. 

Because the structure of every person's nose is different, there are certain limitations to consider. In most cases, it is possible to alter the shape of your nose completely. You should consult with Dr. Pastorek to learn about what options are available to you. 

Any plastic surgeon is qualified to perform rhinoplasty.

Achieving your ideal results while also maintaining a subtle look takes a trained specialist. Dr. Pastorek specializes in rhinoplasty and has a wealth of knowledge concerning what a rhinoplasty requires both aesthetically and functionally. 


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