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Reduce Stubborn Fat in These Key Areas

Reduce Stubborn Fat in These Key Areas

We all come in unique shapes and sizes. There might be some defining characteristics you love about your body, but others can be less welcome. That’s particularly true if your body hangs onto fat in a specific problem area — no matter how much you watch what you eat and exercise. 

To help with precisely that problem, Dr. Norman J. Pastorek, and Janice Pastorek, BSN, RN, offer truSculpt® ID body treatment at our offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City and in Madison, Connecticut. With this completely noninvasive treatment, we can target fat in specific body areas, helping you reach your shape goals. 

Understanding truSculpt ID

Before we explore which trouble spots truSculpt ID can treat, let’s first take a look at the treatment itself. The truSculpt ID device uses radiofrequency energy to banish unwanted fat. It reaches safely through your skin to deliver energy into your fat cells. As the fat absorbs the radiofrequency energy, it heats up. Eventually, the temperature reaches a point where it damages the fat cell. 

Your body registers this and, in the coming weeks, absorbs and flushes out the destroyed fat cells. That means that fat cells treated with truSculpt ID won’t come back (although you still need to be wary of adding fat to remaining fat cells). 

The truSculpt ID sessions usually take about 15 minutes and come with absolutely no downtime. Once the body has finished flushing out the treated cells, which can take up to 12 weeks, most people see a 24% reduction in fat in their problem area.

Where truSculpt ID can help

Part of the reason we offer truSculpt ID at our offices is because it’s a versatile treatment. It can help to address stubborn fat wherever your body holds it. And that makes a big difference, since each of us has our own unique shape and specific trouble areas. 

Specifically, we can use truSculpt ID to banish stubborn fat on your:

In other words, this comfortable, convenient treatment can help you target fat where diet and exercise have fallen short. We can also customize a treatment plan to address multiple problem areas in a single session. 

If you have an inch or less of fat when you pinch your trouble spot, one truSculpt ID session should be sufficient to achieve your ideal results. If not, we can tailor a program with multiple sessions to help you reach your dream shape.

Don’t let stubborn fat stand in your way. To learn more about truSculpt ID or to get started, call one of our offices or schedule your appointment online today.

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