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Skin Rejuvenation Can Help You Look as Young as You Feel

Skin Rejuvenation Can Help You Look as Young as You Feel

“Rejuvenation” is one of those words that inspires many positive feelings. It’s a sense of new life. It brings to mind crackling energy, a real lust for life, and feelings of youthfulness. We’re constantly striving to feel rejuvenated, especially as we get older in this increasingly fast-paced world. Getting some time back and getting back that good old feeling of being youthful are goals that many people strive for. In fact, many products and services claim to offer just that. However, what if you already feel young? You’re still athletic, social, and engaged with the world. The only things that seems to run contrary to how you feel are the signs of aging in your face.

Skin rejuvenation is possible. You can look as young as you feel with the right course of treatments. Of course, there are many treatments available to you. Facial plastic surgery is certainly an option, but there are other, newer cutting-edge treatments that can be used in a supplemental fashion or on their own to revitalize your skin’s appearance.

Here are some of the treatments that your plastic surgeon can administer to help you look more youthful. Skin rejuvenation is often a multi-step process, so it isn’t uncommon to actually try a variety of these treatments together in order to reach your appearance goals.

Beyond surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the oldest and most well-known methods of achieving a younger appearance. The face lift as we know it is over one hundred years old and continues to be refined. It is an excellent way to remove certain signs of aging in the face by remedying the tissue. This eliminates conditions like wrinkles or loose skin. Repositioning the fat in the face helps regain some of that youthfulness. While many people are pleased with their face lift and neck lift, they don’t fix everything. Perhaps your skin has age spots or some scarring. Maybe you’d like more volume or to decrease the appearance of fine lines.

These state of the art skin rejuvenation treatments can help you accomplish that and you may choose to use them in conjunction with a face lift.


The body has amazing healing properties. If you think about it, we are built to heal ourselves from many injuries, though we may need a little external help sometimes. The same principle applies to skin rejuvenation. One of the most powerful ways to revitalize your skin and “heal” it from sun damage and aging is by concentrating the body’s own healing properties and using it to turn back the hands of time.

This is what platelet rich plasma treatment (more commonly known as PRP) aims to do. This regenerative medicine therapy uses your own blood to give new life to your skin of your face. If this sounds almost like science fiction, it’s not.  The plasma from your blood is concentrated to stimulate up to five times the growth factors your body would normally produce when healing the skin from a wound for example. In fact, many athletes have used PRP to recover from injuries faster.

A small vial of your blood is taken and put into a centrifuge to separate the plasma, which is then reinjected into the treated area to kickstart the self-healing process.

PRP is often used in conjunction with micro-needling or laser treatments so that the healing factors can be amplified. PRP is an excellent treatment option for age spots, brown spots, fine lines, large pores, acne scars, and dull skin.

Laser treatments

Laser energy is exceptionally powerful. There are many different kinds of laser treatments, each designed to do something different. Pigmentation issues, scarring, and discolored patches may be addressed with one treatment while a different fractional laser can stimulate collagen production to make your skin smoother and tighter. Laser treatments can even reduce fat and the appearance of veins or capillaries.

Combine these treatments with the use of professional grade skincare products like DefenAge and Alastin to keep giving your skin the nourishment it needs to stay youthful looking for longer.


Properly treating the skin so that it regains its youthful appearance is an art form. A lot goes into it and it is exact. While many products and services may boast skin rejuvenation properties, only a professional with the proper expertise and access to the techniques and products necessary can truly give you the results that you’re after. Dr. Pastorek has been one of the most respected facial plastic surgeons in the field for decades. If you want to feel confident that you’ll be receiving the best care, book an appointment online today to set up a consultation. Dr. Pastorek will go over your goals with you and suggest treatments that will help you meet them. You can look younger. It’s time to look as young as you feel.

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