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Threading Your Way to Youthful Skin with NovaThreads

Many adults would love to look younger, but for various reasons, don’t want to go under the knife. Renowned Manhattan, New York, plastic surgeon, Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS offers an alternative to facelift surgery for men and women who want a more vibrant look without surgery or downtime.

Thread your way to more youthful skin with NovaThreads, an innovative, nonsurgical procedure you can have done during your lunch hour.

No surgery, no downtime, just results

NovaThreads are hypodermic cannulas, thin like a needle with a blunt tip, that are preloaded with absorbable, surgical sutures made from polydioxanone (PDO). Doctors use these same sutures for open-heart surgery because they are one of the safest materials for your body. Today, PDO sutures have found their way into cosmetic procedures and you can reap the benefits.

The beauty of NovaThreads is that Dr. Pastorek places them below your skin rather than having to make incisions or surgically reposition your cheeks or jowls. Facelift surgery can make a big difference in your appearance, but it can also require a long recovery. With the NovaThreads procedure, you get long-lasting results in about an hour, without disrupting your schedule or your lifestyle.

Younger, smoother skin

Dr. Pastorek performs a few numbing injections in the treatment area, then using different types of threads: barbed, twisted, and smooth, he places the threads under your skin. The NovaThreads remain under your skin where they “grab onto” skin tissue below the surface and “lift” your skin to its more youthful position. The implanted threads also trigger your body’s natural healing response, so your skin produces new collagen in the treated areas.

New collagen means younger, tighter, smoother skin as your body absorbs and renew itself where the injected sutures have been positioned. Ultimately, your body absorbs the PDO threads, but during the 4-6 months it takes to do so, your skin is stimulated to repair and renew itself, resulting in a more youthful appearance with diminished lines and wrinkles.

NovaThreads aren’t just for your face

As a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure, NovaThreads are unmatched in their ability to tighten loose skin around your neck and jawline. They’re very effective in treating other areas of your face and body, too. NovaThreads can improve your skin’s texture and make it appear firmer around your eyes and eyebrows, lips, cheeks, chest and nose.

NovaThreads can also help you achieve younger, firmer skin on your belly and love handles, thighs, and buttocks. They work the same way wherever you choose to have them placed, by promoting your body’s natural healing response and prompting new collagen growth.

So many benefits, so little time

When you consider the relatively short amount of time the NovaThreads procedure takes — about an hour or so, depending on the area being treated — it’s hard to believe how many benefits you reap. Most people see noticeable results immediately following the procedure.

You can go back to work, or back to your normal activities, right away, and you won’t feel a significant amount of discomfort during the procedure, thanks to the use of a local anesthetic.

NovaThreads are safe, too. Since they’re dissolvable, they pose very little risk of infection, and they cost less than a facelift. The results typically last 6-12 months, which is great for when you have an upcoming special occasion, such as a family or class reunion or a wedding, and you want to look your absolute best.

If you’ve been thinking about having a cosmetic procedure to help you achieve a more youthful appearance, consider NovaThreads for smoother, younger-looking skin without the inconveniences of plastic surgery.

When you’re ready to thread your way to firmer skin, Dr. Pastorek and his expert cosmetic team can help you take the first step. Call or schedule your consultation online today.

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