Bad Habits That Make Your Skin Age Prematurely

You want to do what you can to slow the passage of time. You might try to be mindful in the moment so the days don’t rush past. And you probably take some steps to keep yourself looking as youthful as possible.

Dr. Norman J. Pastorek and Janice Pastorek, BSN, RN, are here to help. Beyond offering a broad range of anti-aging services — from Botox® to face and neck lifts — right in our offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and in Madison, Connecticut, we also have tips to help you keep your skin as healthy as it can be through the years.

Here are a few bad habits to avoid so you don’t prematurely age your skin. 

Getting too much sun

While a few minutes of sun exposure each day is important for your vitamin D levels, you should never get more than 15 minutes of direct sunlight without first applying sunscreen or wearing clothing and a hat to shield your skin. 

The ultraviolet light from the sun causes something called photoaging. This contributes to:

What’s more, photoaging contributes to your risk of skin cancer. To protect both your skin’s appearance and your overall health, be sun-safe every day. We recommend applying a facial sunscreen each morning and reapplying throughout the day. 


Smoking doesn’t just take a toll on your internal organs. It’s also extremely hard on your skin. That’s because it can trigger certain enzymes that detrimentally affect your skin’s elasticity. 

The good news is that giving up cigarettes now can make a huge difference. One study found that “quitting smoking rejuvenates the skin.”

Not exercising

Not only is regular exercise important for your physical and mental health, but it’s also key for your skin health. When you get moving, the increase in blood flow brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells while carrying away waste products. In other words, exercise both nourishes and cleanses your skin. 

Waiting to deal with the early signs of aging

All too many people wait until they have pronounced wrinkles and sagging skin to see an aesthetics professional about it. But at that point, they’ll generally need more involved treatment that comes with longer downtime.

If you address the signs of aging as soon as you see them, more convenient treatments like Laser Genesis treatment and PDO threads can be enough to restore your skin’s youthfulness. 

Ultimately, Dr. Pastorek and our team are here to help you keep your skin looking its best through the years. To start taking steps today to avoid premature skin aging, call one of our offices or schedule your appointment online today. 

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