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Go Back in Time with Endor's Anti-Aging Treatments

There are very few products that actually deliver on their promise. This is especially true when it comes to wrinkles and cellulite. That’s why Dr. Norman J. Pastorek, and Janice Pastorek, BSN, RN, are excited to offer Endor® Technologies products at our office. This scientifically researched and proven anti-aging line builds upon Endor’s extensive expertise in the activity of cells. (Endor also offers immunotherapy for cancer patients.) Are you ready for the potentially transformative effects of this product line?

If you’ve been looking for an at-home treatment that actually makes a difference for your skin, look no further. We’re excited to offer Endor products at our practice, Norman J. Pastorek, MD

The science behind Endor

As skin rejuvenation experts, our team strives to stay on the leading edge of the latest treatments and technologies available today. We’ve been excitedly watching Endor Technologies as they develop skincare products. They use top-tier ingredients that we have known to be safe and they deliver impressive, tried-and-true results. 

For over a decade, Endor has specialized in medical research and has been acknowledged as a leader in biotechnology. When they develop a product, it’s extensively tested. They put the product to the test in a clinical environment and medical experts monitor the results.

The product gets released only once it’s proven that it can deliver noticeable results. When we chose to add their anti-aging treatments to our office, we did so because we’ve seen the scientific evidence that they work. 

What Endor does for your skin

When we incorporate Endor products at home after your in-office face or body treatments, it can often help you get more dramatic results faster. Their professional-grade facial product — Hyalgen™ Serum — firms your skin while moisturizing it and keeping it soft. It helps to heal and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. At home, Endor’s award-winning Anti-Aging Serum can be used twice a day on your face and neck to continue the healing and start the anti-aging process. It incorporates the same patented molecule AuHa - gold and hyaluronic acid proprietary ingredient -  which triggers CD44 a transmembrane glycoprotein that initiates the building of collagen and elastin.

But the possibilities with Endor don’t stop at your face. Their award-winning Anti-Cellulite Cream can help your skin look noticeably firmer as it minimizes cellulite. 

What’s more, you don’t have to worry that Endor products get their power to change your skin through harmful chemicals or toxins. All Endor products are free of parabens, sulfides, artificial colors, formaldehyde, alcohols that can irritate your skin, and other potentially harmful ingredients. They’re as safe as they are effective. 

We’re thrilled to make Endor’s anti-aging treatments available to you. As always, our staff has personally experienced the benefits this skincare line has to offer. To get started with these transformative, scientifically-backed treatments, contact our office located in New York City’s Upper East Side of Manhattan by calling us or scheduling your appointment online today. 

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