How a Combination of Self Care and Cosmetic Procedures Keep You Looking Young

How a Combination of Self Care and Cosmetic Procedures Keep You Looking Young

Who wouldn’t want to look young forever? That fountain of youth is something we have been chasing for as long as anyone can remember. While these days we’ve come far enough to know there is no magical fountain to find, that hasn’t stopped our pursuit. We still strive to stay young, vibrant, and healthy looking for as long as we possibly can. Luckily, we live in a time where we’ve made great enough strides that there are more options than ever available to take care of our skin and maintain a youthful appearance.

If your mind immediately went to cosmetic procedures, yes, that is absolutely part of the equation. There have never been more effective and diverse cosmetic procedures being performed to help people attain the look that they’re after. But, that’s not the whole story. No, looking and feeling your best is a two way street. Your doctor can certainly help, but there are some things you should be doing as well to help yourself stay youthful in your appearance. There are lifestyle changes you can start making right now that combined with cosmetic procedures will have you looking your best. So, while that face lift you’ve been considering will almost certainly do wonders for you, don’t discount the importance of your overall wellness. A  holistic approach to self-care yields the best and most fulfilling results. Remember, feeling young is as much a mindset as it is your appearance.

Here are some things you should be doing if you aren’t already in order to best take care of your skin. Of course, self-care only takes you so far before time starts to do its work. That’s where cosmetic procedures come in to help you. Let’s take a look.

Taking care of your skin

Your overall health is reflected in your skin. That’s why it hopefully isn’t a surprise to you that exercising actually makes your skin appear younger. That’s right. While your primary goal may be to shed excess pounds and keep your heart strong, your skin will thank you for that workout as well. Exercise keeps your skin young and may even reverse some of the signs of aging if you begin working out regularly later in life. You may not love going for that jog, but your face will.

As far as what’s aging you the most, all you have to do is look up. The sun is responsible for 80% of the the visible aging you see in your face. Those ultraviolet rays are dangerous, regardless of the fact we need vitamin D. If you don’t already regularly wear sunblock when going outdoors for significant periods of time, right now is an excellent time to start. Additionally, a good moisturizer will also nourish your skin to help keep it healthy.

Cosmetic procedures

You can do all the right things, but eventually you will need some help in order to get the look you want. That’s where a cosmetic procedure could be right for you. There are many, so it comes down to what your goals are and what kind of procedure you’re willing to undergo. For example, not everyone is comfortable with invasive surgery, but would be willing to try fillers.

A face lift and neck lift are often done in tandem to tighten the skin in the neck, lower, and middle face in order to give a more energetic and youthful look. As we age, our skin naturally softens and loosens resulting in sagging or drooping. By removing excess fat via liposuction and moving the excess skin back, you will regain some of the tautness that gives you a younger appearance.

An eye lift addresses the signs of aging around your eyes where diminished skin elasticity is noticeable. This is also where we often see significant wrinkling and fat deposits. An eye lift reduces these visible aging signs and can be combined with a brow lift to give the upper portion of your face a more taut appearance.

All these lifting surgeries can help get you the look you desire, but you may decide surgery isn’t quite what you’re looking for right now. That’s why minimally invasive procedures like Botox injections are so popular. They provide you with a reduction in frown lines and crow’s feet, albeit temporarily. However, you can expect to get three to four months of positive results from a Botox injection.


You deserve to look your best. By putting in the effort to care for your skin, you’re certainly making strides towards your goal. But no one can really do it alone. That’s where your plastic surgeon can help. Contact us today. Dr. Norman Pastorek and his team are here to provide you with the highest quality professional care so you can not only look your best, but feel your best. Schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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