How Is PRX Derm Perfexion Plus Different From Other Peels?

How Is PRX Derm Perfexion Plus Different From Other Peels?

Even as medical aesthetics technology advances, people continue to choose a long-standing option. In 2020, nearly one million people opted to get chemical peels, making these the fourth most popular option for minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. 

Why — in the era of medical aesthetics lasers and cosmetic injectables — are people still opting for a treatment that’s been around for decades? Because it works. 

In fact, the main reason people generally opt out of peels isn’t a lack of effectiveness. It’s the fact that they work so well that the peeling afterward can be a hassle.

But there’s a way to get all of the benefits of a peel without the downtime. And we offer it at our offices on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City and in Madison, Connecticut. With PRX Derm Perfexion PlusNorman J. Pastorek, MDJanice Pastorek, BSN, RN, and our team can deliver the results of a medium-depth peel without the peeling.

How PRX Derm Perfexion works

To help you understand this treatment, let’s first look at the peel itself: PRX Derm Perfexion. This peel uses trichloroacetic acid (TCA). TCA peels are some of the most popular available today because they can deliver significant skin transformation without the extensive recovery time of a deep peel. 

That said, TCA peels often come with 1–2 weeks of recovery. That means that for a week or so, your face will peel. As dead skin cells slough off, you reveal new, radiant cells underneath. 

If you don’t want to go to work or social events looking like you’ve had a massive sunburn, though, you have another option. PRX Derm Perfexion is specifically formulated to deliver the results of a TCA peel without the peeling.

Here at our offices, we use it to address:

If you opt for a facelift, Dr. Pastorek may also recommend PRX Derm Perfexion to minimize the appearance of any scars. 

The applications of this peel don’t stop at your face, either. We can use it to address stretch marks and even to help firm a sagging chest. 

Going to the next level with Plus

While PRX Derm Perfexion works extremely well on its own, we can take things a step further. With PRX Derm Perfexion Plus, we pair your peel with treatment tailored to your specific cosmetic goals. 

When integrated with the peel, other treatments can penetrate more deeply and deliver better results. For example, we can use PRX Derm Perfexion Plus to boost:

Talk with us about your skin goals, and we can personalize our PRX Derm Perfexion Plus treatment for you. 

To get the benefits of a peel without the downtime, call either of our offices or book your appointment online today. 

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