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Reasons You Might Need an Otoplasty

As a primarily cosmetic procedure, an otoplasty — surgical reshaping of the outer ear — isn’t right for everyone. That said, if an irregularly shaped ear is getting in the way of your self-confidence or causing your child to struggle with self-esteem, it’s a procedure well worth considering. 

At our office in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Dr. Norman J. Pastorek offers otoplasty to help children and adults look and feel their best. What’s more, he performs this procedure in just a couple of hours. Both children and adults can expect a full recovery in as little as three weeks with no long-term activity restrictions afterward. 

So, is an otoplasty the right choice for you or your son or daughter? Here are a few reasons people choose this procedure. 

#1: Your ears are too large

The average ear is about 2.5 inches long. But your ears only grow with age. If you already feel your ears are abnormally large, you might be extra conscious of them. This can keep you from getting certain haircuts or wearing certain hats. 

But you shouldn’t have to live your life trying to hide your ears. With an otoplasty, Dr. Pastorek can reshape your ears to blend seamlessly with your appearance so you never have to give them a second thought. 

#2: Your ears protrude too far from your head

Like extra-large ears, ears that stick out more than normal can present a problem. This is true for both adults and children. Kids, in particular, might face teasing because of their extra-visible ears. 

Fortunately, with an otoplasty, Dr. Pastorek can make a small incision behind the ear, allowing him to adjust the angle at which the ear protrudes from the head. That incision then blends into the individual’s natural ear crease, leaving them with little-to-no visible scarring. Ultimately, once they finish the healing process, their ears are positioned closer to the head so they won’t draw undue attention. 

#3: Your earlobes are too big

Dr. Pastorek also offers otoplasty to people with overly large earlobes, whether they developed naturally or as a result of an injury or wearing gauges. With this procedure, he can reshape the earlobe so it’s proportional with the ear. 

#4: You have a lop ear deformity

Lop ear deformity occurs when the top rim of the ear folds over or is otherwise misshapen. This can affect one or both ears. With an otoplasty, Dr. Pastorek can reshape the ear’s cartilage to correct this deformity. 

If you think you or your child could benefit from otoplasty, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pastorek. Call our office or schedule your otoplasty consultation online today.

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