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If you’re suffering from protruding ears, you may want to consider an otoplasty. This procedure is available by Dr. Norman Pastorek in Upper East Side Manhattan, New York, New York and Madison, CT. Whether you’re interested in an otoplasty procedure for yourself or your child, Dr. Pastorek can assist you. Read on to learn more about this common form of ear surgery.

Otoplasty Q & A

What is an otoplasty used to correct?

An otoplasty is a procedure to correct ears that are pushed out too far forward from the head. Ears protrude from the head when there is a deep cup near the ear canal, or the natural folds at the edge of the ear have not developed. An otoplasty procedure is also used for correcting a lop ear deformity, in which the ear rim is folded forward. Individuals with earlobes that are too large for their head can also be assisted using this plastic surgery procedure.

Why should I consider getting an otoplasty for my child?

Children with protruding ears make up about 5% of the population. These children are often bullied or made fun of because of the appearance of their ears. Parents who want to remedy this problem can use otoplasty in New York, New York to reposition their child’s ears, so the ears are less obtrusive. This procedure is safe and effective for children, as well as adults. The surgery does not leave any noticeable scarring, as the incisions become part of the patient’s natural ear crease.

What does an ear surgery procedure involve?

An ear surgery for correcting protruding ears is an outpatient procedure. Local IV sedation is used for adults, while children are placed under general anesthesia during the surgery. It only takes about 2 hours to complete an otoplasty. Incisions are closed using absorbable sutures that are bandaged for 5 days. Patients experience very little bruising or swelling following an otoplasty. The patient recovers within 3 weeks following the surgery. The time frame for the entire procedure is ideal for children out for extended vacation during summer break. They can have the ear surgery and recover before they return to school. Once the patient has recovered from ear surgery for protruding ears, there are no long term restrictions on their activities. They can return to flying in airplanes, swimming, horseback riding, or team sports.