Who Is a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Who Is a Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Many people don’t think much about their chins. But if you go through life wishing your face looked different, especially in profile, you might benefit from a chin implant. This gives you the opportunity to get the ideal chin shape and projection, supporting your overall appearance. 

And if you’re interested in a chin implant, Dr. Norman J. Pastorek is the perfect person to perform the procedure. Not only is he a top-rated plastic surgeon with extensive experience, but he also has a chin implant himself. He can speak to the benefits and safety of this procedure because he’s enjoyed his augmented chin for more than three decades. 

If you’re interested in chin augmentation, the question becomes: Is it right for you? At our offices on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City and in Madison, Connecticut, Dr. Pastorek can evaluate you and determine if you’re a candidate for a chin implant. 

Generally, Dr. Pastorek recommends this augmentation in two cases: people with a receding chin and those who are getting a rhinoplasty.

Retrogenia (weak chin)

If you have a receding chin, or one that slopes back toward your neck, you’re living with a condition called retrogenia. Fortunately, Dr. Pastorek can treat retrognia by placing an implant in your chin.

The ideal chin shape for you depends on a variety of things, from your current face shape to your cosmetic goals. If you’re living with retrogenia, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our team. We can discuss a chin implant with you and recommend the right size and shape for your implant. We can also help you visualize what your results will look like. 

Rhinoplasty candidates

If you’re planning to get a nose job, it could be a perfect time to consider a chin augmentation, as well. By doing both at the same time, Dr. Pastorek can ensure that your facial profile is balanced. 

In some cases, a chin implant might not be right for you alongside your nose job. You may need a different kind of chin augmentation. For example, if your nose job will decrease the projection of your nose, your chin may seem larger by comparison and a chin procedure to make it smaller can help. Dr. Pastorek talks with you about what to expect and the best options for your cosmetic goals. 

Other candidacy factors

Beyond the specific cases where a chin implant is most helpful, there are some basic things that make you a good candidate for plastic surgery in general. 

Ideal candidates are:

Do you think a chin implant could help you look your best? If you want to explore this procedure and find out if you’re a candidate for it, call one of our offices or schedule your appointment online today.

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