Chin Augmentation

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For individuals who want to enhance a rhinoplasty procedure or change the appearance of their chin, a chin augmentation is optimal. Dr. Norman Pastorek is a leading plastic surgeon who provides chin augmentation including chin implants in Upper East Side Manhattan, New York, New York and Madison, CT. He is a testament to the safety of chin implants, having one himself for more than 30 years.

Chin Augmentation Q & A

What is a chin augmentation?

A chin augmentation in New York, New York is a form of plastic surgery that changes the look of the chin. Patients will often get a chin augmentation procedure, at the time of a face and neck lift for a total treatment package. A chin augmentation can include surgical implants to change the shape or look of the chin. It can also involve changing the underlying structure of the face. If you want to get cosmetic chin surgery consult with Dr. Pastorek to determine the best route of care for your aesthetic facial shape.

Should I get a chin augmentation procedure following rhinoplasty?

Dr. Pastorek uses the chin augmentation procedure at the time of rhinoplasty to enhance the entire facial structure. In the profile view, the chin size and projection are important in facial profile balance. Reducing the nasal projection with rhinoplasty can give the illusion of more chin projection. But sometimes rhinoplasty alone is not enough. Augmenting the chin with an implant can greatly enhance the overall profile appearance. Chin implants are FDA approved and industry tested for use in patients for life long use.

What is a chin implant?

A chin implant is a safe and effective way to create a newly shaped and sized chin that projects from the face perfectly. Whether you are getting rhinoplasty or simply want to improve the look of your chin, consider the use of implants. Dr. Pastorek uses implants that are as natural feeling as possible, so that they feel real when your chin is touched post-surgery. Before you get a chin implant, Dr. Pastorek uses sizer implants to help you get a feel for the ideal dimension for your face shape. Following your chin implant surgery, Dr. Pastorek offers comprehensive post-operative care and advice to ensure optimal results.