Can You Get a Non-Surgical Neck Lift?

As baby boomers move into their 50’s and 60’s, it is no surprise that demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation has increased accordingly. Our success in addressing many signs of facial aging without surgery has triggered a related demand in cosmetic medicine—patients are clamoring for non-surgical neck rejuvenation options.

A recent essay in Cosmetic Surgery Times covers the range of current options for achieving a youthful, smooth neckline without surgery, highlighting a few of the newer treatments that promise to help rejuvenate and reshape the neck.

Is it possible to truly achieve a non-surgical neck lift?

As promising as these conservative treatments can be for certain patients bothered by an aging neck, it is important to realize that the results will also be on the conservative side. In other words, currently available non-surgical neck treatments are most likely to deliver on their claims for people who are in the earlier stages of aging.

Why is this? A skin tightening procedure can help mildly lax skin to contract and appear smoother, but will not reverse significant sagging. For those of you who are bothered by a so-called “turkey neck,” characterized by loose, hanging skin beneath the chin, surgery is typically needed to remove the excess skin and achieve satisfactory results. A surgical neck lift is also necessary to address unsightly banding or neck cords caused by the neck muscles.

Additionally, non-surgical chin fat reduction treatments can reduce the number of fat cells under the chin, but will not provide the more predictable and detailed neck reshaping results that are possible with submental liposuction.

What is the role of non-surgical neck tightening in anti-aging goals?

While they have their limitations, I do believe that non-surgical neck rejuvenation treatments are an asset to aesthetic medicine. In fact, my wife and skincare director, Janice Pastorek and I have incorporated a selection of non-surgical skin tightening options into our treatment repertoire to help patients address milder signs of aging on the face and neck. For the right patient, these less invasive alternatives can be a great way to improve the appearance of the neck with little or no downtime.

Before you invest in treatment, be sure it is right for you

It is important as a patient for you to vet any new technology before investing in a procedure: results are often are milder than marketing claims would have you believe, or the procedure may only be suitable for a very specific segment of patients. Thus it is important to have a frank and thorough discussion with your facial plastic surgeon about the expected outcome, including the anticipated timeframe and number of treatments required to achieve the desired results.

In many cases, a surgical neck lift may actually be less expensive over the long run—and provide more dramatic and satisfying improvements. If concerns about scarring were keeping you from considering a surgical option, you can put your fears at rest: surgical neck lift incisions are carefully placed, making scarring imperceptible.

If you are looking for non-surgical skin tightening or neck lift surgery in New York, I invite you to contact my office for a personal consultation. Janice and I each have decades of experience treating facial aging and will be glad to help you learn about your options and decide on the most appropriate treatment for your needs.

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